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  • Headphone Amplifiers and DACs are fully guaranteed against parts and electronic manufacturing defects for 2 years from original purchase date. Accidental damages and out-of-warranty amplifiers may be repaired at the discretion of a JDS Labs engineer. Transferrable warranty does not cover cosmetic flaws of used equipment. Buyer is responsible for shipping expenses to JDS Labs.
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  • Headphones are protected by a 30 day replacement guarantee from JDS Labs. Please refer to manufacturer's specific warranty for service beyond 30 days.
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Warranty Transfers

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New JDS Labs Element arrived today. Just gonna hang out in my office with headphones all night.


Bought some new audio gear from @jdslabs and def took advantage of their free custom engraving


Element 3 is installed and what can I say. What an upgrade. The screen is so useful and I absolutely love the volume control increments. It just feels so satisfying to change the volume now!


"Man, @jdslabs has a fast shipping department."

Oz M.

The El stack just arrive today, making the Elear sounding more transparent, love it.

Bolt V.

My Objective 2 works great, and looks good to. Dropped some coin on a nice little Topping rack for it on Amazon. Thanks so much again JDS! I'm getting a lot of compliments on the sound and look of the amp

Loki C.

I love so much your Objective2!! A masterpiece!

Josh F.

"Arrived this morning.. Brilliant. Simply brilliant. Solid build. Solid sound. Cheers JDS Labs!"

Dan M.

My new custom Objective 2 is truly my new secret weapon for mixing university assignments. Sounds amazing with my 2i4 and K702 headphones. Thanks guys! :)


I'm absolutely loving my new OL DAC and Atom Amp from @jdslabs. Smooth low end, solid mid range and crisp highs. 100% Worth the wait!


Candy Tin. Amp tin. @jdslabs

Daniel W.

Just received my objective 2. Everything from packaging. Weight. Material and most of all the audio quality is 10/10. Even was caught off by the esd bag it was contained in. I'll be back for any possible audio needs


Big knob. Big power. Okay, I’ve been a noob my entire life with audio until today. These are powering my HD 700’s and it feels like I’ve experienced music for the first time. @jdslabs you guys make some killer stuff!


Just great customer service and no nonsense products, just pure performance!


Enjoying my stack!!! @jdslabs


Thanks for having me today, @jdslabs ! Great to see a local company thriving and continuing to make top notch products right here in Collinsville, IL 👍

Daniel L.

Purchased a couple devices from JDS. They are absolutely exemplary in quality. I purchased an Element from them a couple years ago and I've encountered zero reason to purchase another DAC/AMP.


Huge shout-out to @jdslabs for early shipping on the Atom amp! I'm already in love with this thing! Thanks so much guys!

Steve L.

I'm blown away by the sound quality of the JDS Element with the Massdrop AKG K7XX. Smooth and effortless reproduction of all the frequencies with tons of power on tap. Killer amp and DAC! Great job JDS Labs!


Hey @jdslabs The Element sounds ethereal and looks badass with my avatar engraved on the knob. Thanks! #audiophile #headphones

Sam J.


Just wanted to commend the excellent customer service; I emailed the DIY section with a query regarding my failed O2 amp and I thought the "we respond fast" header would get me a response in 24-48 hours, I was shocked t…


"@jdslabs thank you for making the element my favorite amp dac combo ever"


OL Switcher preamp is super useful. I got one for easy volume control for my new speakers, which I love! Headphones will always have a place in my heart, and the EL AMP+EL DAC are the sexiest pieces of audio gear I've ever seen! Clean, neutra…

Steve N.

Love the Objective 2 - awesome little amp!


A great sounding combination @TIDAL masters as source, through a @jdslabs #ODAC into @YamahaUK AX392 and finally out of my @TannoyHiFi DC6T Digital really is stunning when done properly

Pedro V.

Received today the O2 kit, assembled in some time, and, wow, wow, wow!


I made it to the end-game. And boy does that sure sound nice. @UltimateEarsPro @jdslabs


From one diy project to another one... 🤓😎 Thanks @TheMagP1 & @jdslabs #O2Amp #ODAC #AIYProjects

Michelle G.

Excited to build my cMoyBB!


"Picked up an O2 + ODAC. Cool engraving by @jdslabs."

Ryan L.

"Hi, recently purchased The Element, must say that it is the best DAC/AMP that I've used in it's price range, in my eyes (ears) it surpasses even DAC/AMPs double it's price."


The Element, by @jdslabs


"Thanks again, @JDSLabs for the amazing O2 headphone amplifier. Very impressed; eyeing your OL DAC now."

Joao A.

My new cMoyBB head amp just arrived! Looks great and sounds even better!


O2+ODAC soldered up and sounding fantastic. Was curious how well the enclosure engraving would turn out with the gradient... @jdslabs freakin' killed it! Looks and sounds clean as hell!

Ondrej K.

Greetings from the Czech Republic!

Ryan L.

Hi, recently purchased The Element, must say that it is the best DAC/AMP that I've used in it's price range, in my eyes (ears) it surpasses even DAC/AMPs double it's price. Love the product, support was great, keep up the great work g…

Mark J.

"Just got my ODAC, sounds great, this unit is exactly what I needed and what I wanted."


Kudos to @jdslabs - not only are their products breathtakingly good. Their customer service and support is equally awesome. Thanks for all the help 🙏


LOVE the copper ring around the volume knob. The Element by @jdslabs is my new desktop DAC.


I have had A LOT of audio equipment over the course of my life, but man my @jdslabs element is my favorite. (paired with @Audeze LCD-2's)

Greg A.

I use the OL DAC with my surface laptop and my emotiva bas x a100 and polkaudio s15 and Dayton Sub 800. I really like the OL DAL it work really well with my system


my new OL Switcher is a Live safer! If you've ever even considered grabbing a switching pre-amp, trust me the sooner you grab one the better!

@joshrogosin (NPR Tiny Desk Producer)

Great gear alert 🚨. No more hiss with my new O2 headphone amp from @jdslabs. #tinydesk concerts never sounded so good 🤩 🎧 🎶

Jeanette Y.

Very good customer service. Absolutely recommend this shop for high quality audiophile equipment. No matter where in the world you are, these guys will take great care of you.


My headphone set up is finally complete! @jdslabs @Audeze

Valentas N.

"ODAC REV B - is the best DAC (small size) in the market i ever tested, bullet proof design, very reliable, tested on PC/Mac literal plug-and-go."


The OL DAC is a remarkable upgrade for me. More transparent. Clean. Real. Even without an amp change. Well done, JDS. Thank you.

Tomer G.

New toy: JDS Labs, Inc. El DAC. Initial impression is remarkably neutral sound along with remarkable resolution and detail

Stephen A.

My listening setup I am very happy with the sound. JDS Labs makes exceptional products!

Andy L.

Love my JDS setup!


Element 3 is installed and what can I say. What an upgrade. The screen is so useful and I absolutely love the volume control increments. It just feels so satisfying to change the volume now!

Haris J.

People always talk about how good some company is [*Insert your fav company here*] but I am here to tell you that JDS Labs just doesn't make great products they also provide you with Amazing customer service that I have not experienced anywhe…

Paul Z.

I've finally reached my endgame in terms audio quality :) Sennheiser HD6XX and OBJECTIVE2+ODAC is audiophilia at its finest ^_^

Marlyece B.

"Just got my first amp. O2. Great, sturdy little powerhouse. It really opens the soundstage and makes audio fuller with my AKG 700s. I had mine customized as well. Great way to make your amp yours!"

Tim M.

JDS does their job well without resorting to Hyperbole to move product out the door. Glad my research led me to this small company with reasonable pricing, solid products.


My new Sennheiser 6XX's next to the also new Element by @jdslabs

Adam N.

"Enjoying The Element with my Ether Cs!"

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